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Girls (12U-10U)

Co-Op Meeting Minutes



Announcement:  This is our last scheduled Transition Meeting.  On behalf of both Associations, we are so grateful for the time, energy, and ideas that were put into each of the workstreams.  Your contribution has helped create a strong foundation for our Co-op!   Thank you also to the Fireside and Green Mill for letting the Committee use their meeting spaces.  

  1. Branding and Identity – Katie Roeder, Tyler Wilsey.

    1. Logos approved unanimously. 

      1. Logo reveal at center ice for kickoff party

    2. Discuss Spirit Wear providers and offerings.

      1. We will look into Letterman Sports and Strauss to compare the offerings and move forward with one of them in the near future.

      2. Key points:  We need to ensure a variety of items for the families across a multitude of price points to keep our wearables affordable and offer higher end items for those interested.  

  2. Social Media:

    1. We need follow up on securing Instagram handles and Facebook.

      1. Amber and Angie secured an Instagram handle. We just need to assign the moderators or content editors.

      2. Instagram handle will become active after the naming reveal. 

    2. Website Operations.  What should we upload to the site Day 1? 

      1. Co-op Website will be built out by EOW.  It will go live at 5PM on June 9.

      2. Registration for the Website at our Ice Cream social. 

        1. Register to get you on the site via a QR Code. 

        2. Flyer will also include information.

      3. Send over the mission statement. 

  3. Hockey Operations

    1. Teams – 

      1. Group Discussion around the 15U start time. 

        1. Ben, Kevin, Ted, and Julie will regroup on the 15U team formation timing.

    2. Coaches - Kevin Dolan & Ben Young

      1. June 1st the coaching application went out to all members.  Due at the end of the month. 

      2. Technology for Coaches. 

        1. We are looking at online platforms to help give resources to our coaches for planning practices and player development.

          1. “Coach Them” is what the Caps use. WSP currently doesn’t use a platform.

      3. Co-op Committee to send out an email to detail to the “why” the coaches need to fill out the application online form to the West St Paul coaches specifically.

      4. Kevin to send out a reminder to his coaches as well.    

    3. Players 

      1. Jeff and Mike are mapping out the evaluation drills.

      2. 3 Day Evaluations with a mix of skills and scrimmage/game like situations.

    4. Development 

      1. Need to communicate in the next few weeks the start of the season, warmups/clinics, evaluations.

        1. Ice Scheduling Purposes.  Warm-ups/clinics/evaluation start up to Katie Murphy and WSP Ice Schedulers. 

  4. Community Engagement 

    1. Ice Cream Social – 

      1. People will check in with Autumn at the beginning of the event. 

        1. Girls will get a name tag which will be color coded to their age group (8U, 10U, 12U, 15U)

        2. Scavenger Hunt – get to know each other from 4-5PM. 

        3. On Ice Name Reveal at 5PM

        4. Special Prize for completing the Scavenger Hunt!! 

        5. Other:  Locker Room Tours, Dryland with Games run by Girls High School Players. Ice Cream outside, no food or drink in the Dryland Facility please! 

  5. Administration:

    1. Ted, Chris, and Scott with handbook updates.

      1. Have a true team meeting.  Make sure that the expectations are outlined. 

      2. Kevin and Ben to attend team meetings to highlight the handbook and code of conduct expectations. 

Meeting concluded at 9:15PM.  



  1. Branding and Identity – Katie Roeder, Tyler Wilsey.

    1. Established a color pallet

    2. Established our font.

    3. Email will be sent out to approve design edits. 

    4. Goal is to have all designs in by end of June. 

  2. Social Media:

    1. We need follow up on securing Instagram handles and Facebook.

  3. Hockey Operations

    1. Teams - John Seidl & Dan Stefaniak

    2. Coaches - Kevin Dolan & Ben Young

      1. June 1st the coaching application.  Due at the end of the month. Sending out link and reminders throughout the month.  Coaches need to fill out the form in order to be considered to coach in 2024-25.  

    3. Players - Jeff Blaido & Mike Reif

    4. Development - Amber Rall & Adam Sager

  4. Community Engagement - Michelle Henningsgard & Autumn Platz

    1. Ice Cream

    2. Scavenger Hunt:  Hockey related get to know each other.

      1. Open Skate – helmets, gloves.  No sticks just skating. 

    3. High School Girls to develop fun games for the dryland.

    4. Center Ice name reveal. 5PM Name announcement over the PA.

    5. Tshirts to hand out over the summer.  

    6. Name tags for the players, color coded for the association.

    7. Ice Cream

    8. Locker room tours. 

    9. Coordinate Responses.  Make sure to send reminder email for St Paul Caps.  Social post for the Caps website.

  1. Administration

    1. Ted showed the handbook to the group. 

      1. Expecting multiple edits.

Meeting concluded at 9:13 PM.  We are expecting our next meeting to be the last transition meeting with these working groups


  1. Branding and Identity – Katie Roeder, Tyler Wilsey.

    1. How do we do the next steps?

      1. Consensus is to come up with a strong 1 and 2 pick and then regroup on feedback. 

    2. Designs and Creative

      1. Some options were shown.

        1. Good detail and feedback shared.

        2. Want to get more hockey specific details

        3. Anticipating having some mockups/designs in the next week. 

    3. Give out a quick zoom meeting with more frequency.  Need to come up with more feedback more quickly.

    4. Secure website and social media space for our Co-op to go live on June 9th at our Ice Cream Social.  Secure Instagram, Facebook, and web URL.

    5. What Spirit Wear company should we select to run our new wearables through?  We have a proposal from one vendor, will work on getting other vendor’s pricing/programs.  

  2. Hockey Operations

    1. Teams - John Seidl & Dan Stefaniak

      1. Team designations have roughly been planned.

      2. Question with D8, when will the 15u schedule be developed?  Closer to the Thanksgiving? 

      3. Our intention is to have (1) A Team, (1) B1 Team, and (2) B2 Teams in the 10 and 12U levels.  15’s our intention is planning an A and B team.  These are all subject to change prior to the season but we feel this is the best projection at the moment.

      4. Meeting with Girl’s Directors and Districts to happen third week of May to go over details and get clarity about assigning teams to districts.

    2. Coaches - Kevin Dolan & Ben Young

      1. We have created online job applications.

      2. Our goal is to have the document go live on June 1, we will then allow a few weeks to complete.  It’s a super simple document.

      3. Not all applicants will get an interview to be head coach.

      4. Co-op will pick head coaches, then a list of assistant coach candidates will be reviewed with the coaches after evaluations. 

      5. Goal is to have someone responsible for goalie training or goalie coach dedicated on each team.

    3. Players - Jeff Blaido & Mike Reif

      1. Player evaluation

        1. Need to find a truly independent evaluator service outside of what WSP or Caps have used in the past. 

    4. Development - Amber Rall & Adam Sager

      1. Can we develop a move up policy?

        1. What is our policy and what can we do to minimize our move ups for skaters. Our goal is minimal move-ups if very little.  Goalies will need a little more flexibility in move up policy due to needs at different levels.

      2. Can we make sure that goalies are being developed at 8 or 10U level?  

        1. Can we get a guideline to make sure the multiple girls get the opportunity to play goalie?

        2. Can we schedule the goalie to be at the same time as locker room parent? 

  3. Community Engagement - Michelle Henningsgard & Autumn Platz

    1. Integration events

      1. Create a signup genius or Google forms to get numbers from our membership on who is planning or not planning on attending the ice cream social.

      2. Flyers needed to pass out to family and friends regarding the co-op ice cream social on June 9th.  Hand out to schools for weekly folder inclusion in schools.

        1. Must be in English/Spanish for inclusion in the folder.  

      3. Create an online contest with our social media to get the most recruitment and buzz.  

    2. Recruiting

      1. How do we amplify our message to the Community?

      2. Schedule a Try Hockey for Free Dates in September and February to recruit more girl’s players. 

      3. Gear Up Grants link shared.  Ben to fill out for WSP.

  4. Administration

    1. Working through the proposed registration fees for the upcoming season

      1. Our Goal is not to increase the price of hockey for our membership.  There’s a few fees (jerseys, tournaments, clinics) that we need to work through to solidify our plan.

    2. Ice - Chris Kawaters & Katie Murphy

    3. Tournaments – Kevin Dolan & Ben Young

      1. Kevin and Ben are working on this. Registration start to open soon.

        1. 15u Away tournaments are secured. We are working through the other travel teams to get their tournaments signed up. 

    4. Policies - Ted Kronschnabel & Scott McMahon

      1. Which policies control? Rely on registering association's policies, create co-op policies, or both?

        1. Ted, Scott, and Chris are working on comparing and reconciling existing policies among associations. 

    5. Technology - Julie Bustos & Ben Young

Meeting Concluded at 9:15PM. 

SAVE THE DATE - June 9th

Girls Co-Op (In Development)

We are excited to announce our intention to create a Girls program co-op between the St. Paul and West St.  Paul to begin with the 2024-25 season. For the past year, members of the St. Paul and West St. Paul boards  have been working collaboratively to explore what a long-term co-op of our Girls hockey programs could look  like. Both programs are well-established and share similar size and values. Our communities are close in  proximity, culturally similar, and share a public high school Girls hockey program together. Perhaps most  importantly, each association values the development of our athletes and gives them the opportunities to  realize their goals in the game of hockey and in life. Both have been challenged by numbers in their Girls  programs and through this co-op, we believe our combined numbers position us extremely well to be able to  deliver age- and skill-appropriate player development, teamwork, appropriate competitiveness, and continue to  deliver a positive and engaged Girls hockey environment.  

Before making this announcement, we did due diligence to confirm compatibility and alignment with both  boards, District 2 & District 8 and Minnesota Hockey. On Sunday, we kicked off an expanded organizing team to  move this co-op forward. This organizing team includes an equal number of representatives from each  association. We took care to include different viewpoints, including managers, coaches, parents, and board  members with a variety of different tenures within their organizations. This group will be working through how  this co-op should come together focusing on things like: 

• co-op mission and culture 

• player development philosophy 

• naming and identity 

• ice time scheduling 

• policies & procedures (e.g., player evals, coach selection) 

• etc. 

Together we are focused on building and cultivating an environment built on shared values and philosophies.  We will keep you updated as things progress. 

Thank you on behalf of St. Paul and West St. Paul Hockey Associations, 

Julie Bustos, Kevin Dolan, Ben Young, and Ted Kronschnabel