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Registration for the 2019 -2020 Season is OPEN!


Registration for the 2019-2020 is open.  Register Below!  Beginning August 27th, 2019 a late fee of $150 is charged on all Squirt/U10, Peewee/U12 and Bantam/U15 who registered late.  There are no late fees for mini-mites, mites and U8 whose registration will remain open through the start of the season.

A minimum of $300 will be collected at time of registration for Squirt/U10, Peewee/U12 and Bantam/U15 with the remaining amounts owed collected in three even payments on September 15th, October 15th and November 15th.  You will have the option of making the full payment at time of registration.  A credit card or checking account may be used for the online payment.

Mini-Mite/Mite/U8 will require full payment at time of registration.

Players who have not registered cannot participate in any SAYHA clinic or tryouts.

2019 - 2020 Player Levels and Fees

Level ** Earliest Birthdate Latest Birthdate Player Fee Goalie Fee
New Mini-Mite 07/01/2012 $0**** $0****
Returning Mini-Mite* 07/01/2012 $300 $300
Mite Level 1 07/01/2010 06/30/2012 $300 $300
Mite Level 2 07/01/2010 06/30/2012 $375 $375
Mite Level 3 07/01/2010 06/30/2012 $450 $450
U8 07/01/2010 06/30/2012 $375 $375
Squirt 07/01/2008 06/30/2010 $1150 $575
U10 07/01/2008 06/30/2010 $1150 $575
Peewee* 07/01/2006 06/30/2008 $1400 $700
U12 07/01/2006 06/30/2008 $1400 $700
Bantam* 07/01/2004 06/30/2006 $1500 $750
U15 07/01/2003 06/30/2006 $1500 $750

** Play levels are established by Minnesota and USA Hockey based on age.  MN Hockey Player Level Link  All players are required to register at the level of their birth year however will have the ability to move up per the policies set forth in the SAYHA Policy Handbook.

Players who move up a playing level will be required to pay the additional amount owed prior to joining their team.

*  Returning Mini-Mites will participate in our Mite programs.

All  Mite aged players will be required to pay at least $300 at time of registration.    If your Mite/U8 athlete played Mites last season, please register them at the level they played.  After Evaluations, Mites who are placed and agree to play at a higher level such as Mite Level 2 or Mite Level 3 or in the U8 program will be required to pay the higher amount prior to skating at that level.  These higher amounts are due to additional ice time for those levels.

Goalie Discounts:  Players will have to play the entire season as a goalie to participate in the reduced fees being offered for that position at the Squirt/U10 and higher levels.  Failure to do so will require full payment of the player amount.


THANKS TO THE SIBLEY BOOSTERS,  First year Mini-Mites will have their SAYHA fees waived for the season.  To qualify, the player must skate during the season at the Mini-Mite Level and have previously not played association hockey or obtained a USA Hockey number from a prior season.  If your player after evaluations is asked to move from Mini-mites to Mites and you accept, you will be required to pay the full Mite amount.

MN Hockey Participation Rule

Please follow this link explaining MN Hockey's Participation Rules.


What is online registration?
Online registration allows coaches & players to be register directly with USA Hockey through an Internet connection at The USA Hockey Waiver is completed, and USA Hockey fee of $46 and Affiliate Minnesota Hockey fee of $10 are paid online with a credit card to USA Hockey.

Why online registration for USA Hockey?
Time & money saver! Registration online causes fewer registration errors, eliminates the need for paper Waiver of Liability (reducing paperwork) and Sibley Area Hockey can establish the number of teams a lot faster.

When will online registration be available?
Online registration for coaches & players for the 2019-20 season will be available soon.

Who should register online?
All coaches & players participating in the 2019-2020 season will pay the USA Hockey fee & MN Hockey fee directly to USA Hockey. The USA Hockey fee is waived for children age 6 and younger, but the online registration must still be completed to get the confirmation number (no fee will be required). If a player plays/coaches he/she pays only one registration fee.

Doesn’t Sibley Area Hockey  normally pay the coaches USA hockey fee?
Yes. This year coaches will register themselves as coaches online with USA Hockey and pay the fee. Coaches will then be reimbursed for the coaches’ fee by Sibley Area Hockey.

What credit cards can be used?
Online registration will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. Credit or debit cards can be used.

What if I don't have a credit/debit card?
If a person doesn’t have a credit/debit card, they can have a friend process the registration for them. Or, they can purchase a Visa gift card from a local bank for the amount to be spent

Step by Step Guide to Registering Online

1. Go to
2. Choose member type Ice Player & Coach.
3. You must be 18 years of age to process a registration…. Check the box that
acknowledges that YOU are 18 or older.
4. Select the correct season – 2019-2020. Follow the prompts…fill in all data correctly. Use names that are listed on your birth nicknames. Coaches be careful that the name you use here matches what you provide for your coaching certification.
6. Process payment  – Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express (credit or debit card). A Visa gift card will also work.
7. Print your Confirmation page at this time. It will also be emailed to you immediately after the registration is completed.

What if someone loses their confirmation page?
The confirmation page is available to print at the time of registration. It is also emailed to the registrant so that it can be saved on their hard drive. If the form is lost, a duplicate can be requested by logging onto and accessing the online registration page.

USA Hockey Registration Link

Follow this link to register for USA Hockey and MN Hockey *All participant prior to registration will pay the USA Hockey fee of $46 if age 7 or older and the $10 Mineesota Hockey affiliation fee. The USA Hockey fee is waived for age 6 and under but the MN affiliation fee is not.

Birth Certificates

New to the Association? We will need a copy of your player's birth certificate as well.  If you have previously provided it, we do not require it again.

Please Mail or scan to:

Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA)
1670 South Robert St
Box 291
West St. Paul, MN 55118

Financial Assistance Applications Due August 26th, 2019

Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) has established a Financial Assistance Program to assist parents and families in meeting their financial commitments for participation in SAYHA's youth hockey programs. The program provides financial assistance and grants to those who may find themselves in a situation which would otherwise prevent their children from participating in SAYHA programs.

Volunteer Requirements

Each family will be required to complete 15 volunteer hours of work for a registered player.  If you have two or more registered players, the family will need to complete 25 volunteer hours at one of the SAYHA operated concession stands,  Mite families will be required to do a minimal amount of volunteer hours.  SAYHA Tournaments or other responsibilities as designated by the hockey board.   To ensure participation, a check will be collected by team managers at the beginning of the season which will be held un-cashed.  The amount collected will be $350 for one player, and $500 for two or more registered players per family.  Checks will only be cashed at the end of the season should the volunteer hours not be satisfied.  Families do have the ability to "buy out" their volunteer requirements.  That amount is $350 for one player or $500 for more than one player playing in SAYHA.  Please click HERE see the Volunteer Requirements Page on the website for more information.



At the Squirt/10U through Bantam/15U level, where for any reason a player decides not to participate in the Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association Program (this includes being selected to play for a high school program), a player may request through the Director of Hockey Operations  a refund for some of the fees paid.  The refund will be all funds paid minus a $275 administrative/ice time fee.  All refunds need to be requested prior to December 1, 2019. Fees paid to Minnesota & USA Hockey are non-refundable.  Mini-mite & Mite/U8 players who quit before December 1st will receive a full refund of their SAYHA fees. Fees paid to Minnesota & USA hockey is non refundable.  There will be no refunds for requests made after December 1st, 2019.

Sibley Registar

Questions Please Contact

SportsNGIN Member Guide

Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association utilized SportsNGIN for its Registration and email communications.  Please refer to the Member Guide should you have any issues with your user name or require a password reset, want to change or add an email to your account or desire to merge or link additional SportsNGIN accounts. Link to SportsNGIN Member Guide