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2019-2020 Volunteer Requirements Mite, Squirt/U10 - Bantam/U15


The Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) is operated entirely by volunteers.  SAYHA is able to provide one of the best values for youth hockey players leveraging the expertise and commitment of its volunteer membership.

For the 2019-2020 hockey season,  each family (with the exception of Mini-Mites) will be required to complete volunteer hours.  Mite only families will need to complete 10 hours regardless of the number of mite players.  If you want to "buy out" your obligation, the amount will be $200.   For Squirt, U10, Peewee, U12, Bantam and U15 families, you will be required to complete  15 volunteer hours of work this season.   If you have more than one player in the Association, the total number of hours needed to volunteer is 25. 

 To ensure completion, a check will be collected from each family ($350 per players with a maximum of $500 per family; for Mite families, a check of $200 will be collected).   

These checks will be destroyed at the end of the season if your hour requirements have been met.* Should you not complete your requirement, your check will be cashed the last week of March or first week of April 2020.  Managers and coaches are instructed not to allow player participation until their family’s check has been received. All checks must be received by Nov, 19th, 2019.  Your checks will be placed in a bank safe deposit box until they are either destroyed or cashed.  Mini-mites will not be required to submit a deposit.  These families will be expected to cover the concession hours during the Mini-mite, Mite and U8 sessions.

Our goal is to have all families support our Association but if you feel you will be unable to meet the volunteer requirements, we have added the ability for families to “buyout” their commitment if they desire.   The cost is $350 per player with a $500 maximum for families with two or more players.

If you choose the buyout option, you must complete the buyout form and submit the form, along with your payment, to your team manager by Nov.19th, 2019.  Your check will be cashed once we receive your form and payment.

Volunteer hours can be tracked and signed up for through the Dibs system found on the top panel of our home web page at  There will also be attendance check-in sheets at the concession stands.  You must sign-in during your shift in order to receive credit for your shift.  Concession stand volunteers must be 16 years or older for safety and legal reasons.

There will be numerous opportunities to lend your talents from concession stand help at both West Saint Paul Ice Arena and St. Thomas Ice Arena to fundraising activities.    Additional time credits will be allocated to coaches, team managers and the numerous off-ice administrators and coordinators.

Team responsibilities will not count toward the 10/15/25 hours (penalty box, book and clock for games).

Helping out the Association on a project?  Reach out to the Dibs Coordinator ( ahead of time to see what credit you may qualify for.  Contact information can also be found on the association website.

Each team will be given 30 hours to distribute between coaches.  The head coach of each team will work with the assistant coaches to determine the distribution of hours between coaches.  The team manager will submit the agreed upon distribution of hours to the Dibs Coordinator. 

One manager per team will be credited 15 hours.  If a team has more than one manager, the managers can divide the credited hours between them.  The distribution of hours must be communicated by the manager to the Dibs Coordinator so she can update the Dibs system. 

Hours may not be transferred

It is the goal of the Association to return all the checks by having all families volunteer their time.  Thank you for your time in the past and your commitment to continue to make hockey as affordable as possible for all.  

*All players must turn in their jerseys (practice and game) before checks will be destroyed.  

Dibs Coordinator