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Pizza Fundraiser

The order form for this year’s Pizza Fundraiser is on the WSPHA website. Do not use order form from last year as it has been changed!  Please see important information including dates, requirements, and exciting new rewards for those who crush it in sales by selling a few more items!


The Breakfast Pizza will no longer be available for selling as it is out of stock due to a supply chain issue.  Please use the newest version of order form on the website  OR line through the breakfast pizza column on your current order form."

If you have already sold breakfast pizzas - you will need to either find a replacement or remove from the order.

Important Sales Information

* Each player (U10/Squirt and older) is required to sell a minimum of 15 pizzas.  For families with 2 or more players (U10/Squirt and older), the requirement is a minimum of 25 items.

* Mite players have the option of selling pizzas. Mites are not required to participate, but those who do take part in the fundraiser will be eligible for rewards.

* Order forms are due to Team Managers no later than November 28th.  Families with more than one player are to turn in a combined order form using the first name of their oldest player. More information will be provided closer to the drop-off date.

* The pizza pick-up date will be December16th at the from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.  More information on pizza pick-up will be provided closer the pick-up date.

* There will be a buyout for families will be $100 for 1 player or $150 for families with 2 or more players that do not wish to participate.

* Checks should be made out to: West St. Paul Hockey Association or WSPHA.


Winners will be determined by the highest number of pizzas sold per family and will choose from the prizes listed below.*  The family to sell the most pizzas will have 1st choice of the prizes.  Second choice of prizes goes to the second highest number of pizzas sold, and so on. 


4 Minnesota Wild Tickets

$100 Amazon Gift Card

$75 Visa Gift Card


Any player who sells 30 or more items will receive a $5 gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robins.  Any family with 2 or more players that sells 40 or more items, will receive a gift card for each player in their family.

Ties will be determined by a coin flip or drawing (if more than two players/families tie).  We greatly appreciate your participation in this event.  Thank you again for your continued support!

*Additional prizes may be added