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2021-2022 Peewee Teams

Please check the team page for your ice time.

Peewee 2021-2022 Teams

Thomas Bushlack
Luke Christopherson
Jacksyn Crary
Conor Flynn
Elias Grosenick
Charlie Kawaters
Henry Lynch
Max Molinaro
Adam Newton
Macray O'Connor
Colin Smith
Gavin Tritz
Caden Weimer
Nolan Brustad
William Denenholz
Myers Gabriel
Nico Gatti
Lennon Lawson
Luke Leitner
Samuel Lofgren
Jacob Nowak
Charles Phillips
Cal Rafferty
Braeden Robinson
Thomas Shields
Blake Auge
Ari Carls-Rehovsky
Louis Hawkins
JD Hunter
Lucas Kipka
Nicholas Larrive
Michael lynn
Feliciano Meza
Tyler Orpen
Samuel Rodriguez
Kyle Roeder
Ben Sattler
Thomas Abbott
Jack Anderson
Cayden Capiz
Kellen Devoy
Evan Ellison
Samuel Kellog
Brody Lyddy
Maxwell Mattaini
Thomas Mercer
Steven Raab
Rowan Ramirez
Samuel Shepard
Sean Wilson
Kyan Kahlhamer

Please recall any questions are subject to the following policy as stated in the Policy Handbook:

Team Placement Grievances:   Grievances resulting from traveling team placement will not be addressed unless they are initiated 48 hours after team are posted.

Be sure to check your team home page to view times and dates of the current published practices.